Beloved Person

As an adult reaching the time when children are just over the horizon, you start to think about what type of parent you want to be and the life you want to provide them. I was asked once how I would know how to be happily married and have a loving family if I had never really had either. It plagued me for a long while and it still lingers in my thoughts on low days. My immediate reaction was to be afraid. I really had no idea what I would do or how I would engage my husband or family as a parent and a leader in the household.

The Polaroid family has already been provided for everyone that has had access to media in the past 50 years. A white picket fence, kids chasing a dog in the yard, dad mowing the lawn and mom bringing lemonade on a decorative platter. That was the standard that movies, television and books painted when we were children. Little did we know that family isn’t something that fits into a thirty minute episode, but rather a combination of ups and downs with people you cherish.

Find those people, blood or not and hold them close.


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